BA Art Exhibition, July 2007, Newman University

Large oil pastel gypsy dancer and Black and white self developed photography.

Move-Meant, Saturday 23rd May – Sunday 24th May 2009

The Dance Workshop,  Collaborative exhibition: Paintings, Sculpture and film.


(flyer credit: Saranjit Birdi)

MA Exhibition, September 2009 – Birmingham City University

Film, Installation and Performance.

Con-form-al, 29th September 2015 – 25th October 2015 – P – Cafe

Collaborative exhibition, Clay sculpture, Wire Sculpture and Film.

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(Flyer credit: Kirsty Fuller)


Collaboration with The Venice Vending Machine. Hamberg, Altonale. July 16th-July 17th 2016.

Film and Photography of sculptures.


Bad Princess, Frome, Black Swan Art, The round Tower. February 18h -23rd February 2017.

Collaboration: Photographic canvas’ and large photography prints.


(Flyer and video credit: Saranjit Birdi)

Bad Princess, FaB Bath fringe festival, May 26th- June 11th 2017. Pending

Collaboration: Photographic canvas’ and large photography prints.


Anchor Gallety ‘Show me your Birmingham’, Mending the Cracks (Clay sensual sculpture) – glazed Clay, Kintsugi, Moss and adhesive – 2017